Friday, January 2, 2009

Two New Pairs of Earrings

Faceted briolettes and keshi pearls ... there's something about the combination that works well for me. This first pair features longish amethyst briolettes that I have topped with a cluster of peacock colored keshi pearls. I like to put these types of earrings on leverback earwires for the security offered by such findings.

The second pair of earrings has a more delicate look. I started with shorter and plumper gray quartz briolettes, which are actually a very blue gray. Topping these is a loose cluster of very small white keshi pearls.

Recently, I changed the background color for some of my photographs. I had been using handmade papers, then for a short time switched to a very white background. Those photos seemed boring to me. Now, I'm trying out this charcoal gray colored paper. I quite like the look.

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Mia Sophia said...

Those are beautiful! The ice storm took my breath away...oh if it weren't just after christmas!

Shirley said...

OMGosh, how elegant they both are. Stunning!