Friday, January 30, 2009

Today It's All About Me

It's my birthday. It's not a milestone type birthday. It's just my day.

Rick comes up with the most ingenious packaging for his gifts to me. This morning I woke up to a small box wrapped with the grocery store ad from the newspaper. Instead of ribbon, he decorated the package with the twirly things that are left after you drill something. (I wonder if those have a name?). These were from some steel and some lovely blue plastic. The package was quite festive, actually.

The card - he makes the best cards - is made from copper that he heat treated to alter the color. Here's the best part -- he used fold-forming techniques so that it actually opens, like a card! It's really beautiful.

Oh yeah, there was a present too! The earrings are mokume gane domed discs with that wonderful patina he uses to turn the copper parts blue. Just yummy.

My day has started out perfectly.


Ainse said...

Happy birthday, Vicki! It sounds like Rick really knows how to treat you on your special day!

Enjoy your birthday...and if I were you, I'd stretch it into an entire b-day weekend!


Brenda said...

awww Vicki, what a wonderful way to start your birthday, and what a sweet man you got there! Enjoy the rest of your special day!
Happy Birthday! *hugs* :-)

Anji Gallanos said...

Have a great looks like your off to a wonderful start. I think your birthday should last all week...!!


Orion Designs said...

Thank you ladies! Yes, Rick can be a real sweetie. :)

LaVerne said...

What a cool and creative man you have! Love the card and the earrings. Have a wonderful day!

Paula said...

Happy Belated Birthday hope you add a wonderful day. Very pretty jewelry and Xena looks like a sweetie.

Shirley said...

What a perfect match you both are. So artistic and cretive. Those earrings are so beautifully done.