Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Love Affair ... with Labradorite

handcrafted earrings sterling silver labradorite briolettes oxidized
Yes, I'm featuring labradorite yet again. Maybe it's the gray skies we've been having lately that have driven me to my labradorite stash. Whatever the cause, my love of labradorite continues, especially when I find such lovely stones as these plump briolettes.

I purchased them from my friend Deb in Hong Kong. She has 2 etsy shops -- visit them both! They will give you a small insight into the kind of gem hoarder she really is.

Back to the stones. You can see that these labs are HUGE, as far as labs go. Here, I simply wrapped them with some sterling silver wire and suspended them from leverback earwires. They really don't need much more adornment. I love these stones so much that I kept the the first pair of these earrings that I made. It was several months before I could even think about using another pair of the labs to make earrings to sell!

You all know that I'm not a photographer, so I can't explain why these earrings look so different when photographed on a white background. The white certainly shows the blue flash much more distinctly. It probably makes no sense, but both of these photos are truly representative of these earrings.
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Ainse said...

Lovely! I recently bought a strand of labrodorite and it's just sitting there...I'd rather look at it than make something because you're right; the colour changes with every glance.

Deb @ Crysallis said...

oh dear.... now the whole world will know how big of a hoard that I am...... GAH!! **faint**

LOL ah... there they are!! :D I am so glad that you're having fun with these though Vicki!!! weeeeee!!!! :D

Shirley said...

Now these are both so elegant!!! Wow!