Friday, January 23, 2009

Welcome to my Mess ...

To the untrained eye, to the casual observer ... my studio is a mess. But it's my mess and I know where everything is. Well, almost. I reluctantly share this photo with you of my primary work area.

It is a big teak desk, completely overloaded with compartment boxes full of pearls and gemstones. There are more of these boxes stacked behind me. Oh, and glass beads live in an old printers cabinet. See, I actually do know where stuff is. While I don't do much stringing anymore, I still work on a traditional bead board. It keeps the beads from rolling where they're not supposed to roll. Now, if only I could figure out how to stop dropping every piece on the floor at least once!

I recently did a small rearrangement in my studio and I'm still getting used to looking directly out the window while working. It can be an inspiration or a distraction, depending on my mood.

All along the windowsill are little bowls and small art pieces. These are definitely inspiration. I love little containers, most especially when they're full of beads. This is how I "store" my lampwork collection. They're always ready to be fondled or jsut stared at. Maybe they're more of a distraction than I'm willing to admit.
I have another table (not pictured -- it's just too scary) where I do some torch work and forging. When not in use, that table becomes the staging area for whatever else is going on. I also use it for packing orders. Wish I needed it more often for that purpose!


SignatureSterling~Untie the Ribbons! said...

Great entry, Vicki - I love your "mess" - looks perfectly organized to me!! :-)) Now I want to see the view from that window - looks great!!

Diane said...

Looks like a great studio, especially with that wonderful window right there to look out. What a view! Have a great weekend, Vicki!

Shirley said...

Love your work station. I feel right at home!!! I am sure I would really love the other table too! So there. A true sign of an artist!!