Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm Part Packrat ... bet you didn't know that

Yes, I'm afraid it's true. But I've decided to start parting with some of the glorious finds I've collected over the years. I adore vintage stuff, but most of it has been packed away, rarely seen or enjoyed. NO, I will NOT part with any of the vintage jewelry, so don't even ask about that!

I've recently listed 2 items in my other etsy shop, A Peaceful Life, that fall into the vintage category. I'm hoping that someone else can appreciated them and show them more love than I've been able to.This first item is a 1943 calendar made by the Everready Calendar Company. They still make desk calendars today! This one is softened with age and has some notes regarding the weather distributed throughout.The next item is a box of very old crayons. I couldn't find out very much about the company that manufactured them, but this box is amazingly well preserved. The crayons inside show a bit more wear.


Pricilla said...

Can you only imagine the stories those crayons would tell? Now of course, I would try and eat them!

Shirley said...

I think they are both vintage lovely. Maybe I am too! 1943 is the year I was born. LOLOLOL