Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pearl Mixes

Yesterday was a very productive day for me (imagine that!). Last weekend, I was in Fairbanks for the Bad Girls of the North craft show. When I finish a show, I take a look at my sales and remaining inventory to help determine where I should focus my efforts. I sold 4 of my pearl mix necklaces in Fairbanks. That tells me that that particular style continues to be a perennial favorite with my customers. Today, I replenished that stock for my next show by making 3 more. My plan was to make 4, but I ran out of time.

Clockwise from top left: copper/beige/cream mix, shades of green mix, shades of blue mix. these monotone colorways seem to be quite popular. I also make these in more varied color mixes.

In my etsy shop, I have 3 of these necklaces available for sale:

Pearl Necklace . A Study in Blue

The Elegance of Mixed Pearls . Necklace

Winter White . Pearl Necklace


Pricilla said...

Pearls never go out of style. They even look good on a goat.

cindy shake said...

I know why they are a favorite Vicki, because you make them beautiful!!

I'm gearing up for Bad Girls Anchorage -busy, busy, busy -lot's of my customers are ready to shop :o) it's my favorite time of year!