Friday, June 11, 2010


I love me some handmade soap.  But I'm picky.  I don't like fruity or any super sweet fragrances.  I prefer earthy scents.  And, I like a decent sized bar that will last a while.  A couple of my favorite soap sellers have closed their etsy shops for reasons unknown, but a few remain.

Happy Goat Soap features goats milk, generously donated by Pricilla and company.  Here's one of my favorite soaps.  It is scented with sandalwood and is quite large.  Perfect for me.

Theraganics soap is wonderfully natural, using only essential oils.  I especially like this listing, as you can select any 3 scents you like.

Amethyst Soaps has some very yummy offerings.  This Kings Ransom soap is extraordinarily rich and luxurious.

Happy showering!


Pricilla said...

Awwww, you make this goat blush!

cindy shake said...

What great names and textures on those soaps :o)

The Jewelry Box said...

Ohh..I love soaps!! I've got to try Pricilla's very soon, and I'll be checking out the other soap sellers too. Thanks Vicki! :)