Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Earring Inventory

Working at a furious pace (for me, that is) for the past few weeks, I've finally managed to get my earring inventory back to where it should be.  I don't have a count of the number of pairs, I just know that when the the two Rubbermaid plastic shoe boxes are full, I'm happy.  This does not include my etsy inventory, which is stored separately in its own shoebox, clearly marked "etsy".

So I thought I'd share with you my strategy for storing my earrings inventory. 

At the end of a few days of earring-making, I card the earrings on cards that I print myself.  (After so many years of printing my own cards, I can't seem to break with that habit, as much as I think I should.  It's very time consuming to print and cut all those cards.   I basically use that activity as a "filler" when I'm in a creative slump or just not in a creative mood.)  After carding with little rubber backs where appropriate, I price with little white stickers and add a plastic hang tab. 

Now the earrings are ready for display at a show or for delivery to a gallery.  Most of the stores I deal with love the fact that the earrings are priced and have the hang tabs on them.  This saves them some steps and they can get the earrings on display asap!  Good for all of us.

Of course, I have a wholesale appointment later this week.  If all goes well, I'll be back on the earring-making treadmill in no time!


Pricilla said...

You are a marvel!

Yazmin @ A Pretty Rock said...

Nice idea. So how well do they stay? Meaning, I know that how I store pieces here have mostly required me to put them in plastic bags as I finish them. Otherwise, I'd have to clean them often because they would get easily oxidized.

Do you find that your items fight oxidation in the rubbermaid boxes well?

Brandi said...

Vicki, you're so inspiring! I think I'm going to start earring creating fiesta of my very own - my earring section is definitely smaller than I'd like. :)

Orion Designs said...

Those airtight Rubbermaid boxes are great for earring storage. I have dividers that help keep the earrings lined up in rows.

As far as tarnish goes, I keep 2 3M anti-tarnish strips in each box and that seems to do the trick!

Yazmin @ A Pretty Rock said...

Didn't think of that (tarnish strips). I have something similar, but find that I go through plastic bags like they're candy. Tarnish strips may very well be a good investment. Thanks Vicki! :)

Diane said...

Great orginazation, Vicki! Good luck with your wholesale appointment this week too!

C. Franz said...

This is a wonderful idea. Thank you. I make thousands of earrings and have had problems with storage until ready. I do my own cards as well (5 years now) just because I use so many and it's cheaper that way. I cut mine when watching a movie.

The question I have is if you were going to hang these up at your own show, what would you hang them on?

I purchased lots of the rotating racks last year and don't like them. Tough to store and carry 10 of these to shows. Even 3 since I've narrowed them.

Need ideas on what to hang them on?

Orion Designs said...

Hi C. Franz -- I've been using a series of white plastic coated racks that are designed to stand on a table top. They do not rotate and nest together well, so they are easy to transport. Unfortunately, they were discontinued, so I'm treating the ones I have left with extreme care.