Sunday, June 27, 2010

Alaska Botanical Garden Gala

This past Thursday evening was the annual gala at the Alaska Botanical Gardens in Anchorage.  While we always go the the craft show following the gala, we had never attended the gala before.  This year, Rick invited himself was invited to submit artwork as part of the fund raising event opens with the Thursday evening gala.

Rick submitted two pieces of garden art. Big pieces.

                                                        'Trimorphic' by Rick Potter

'Trimorphic' sold (YAY!) very early on Thursday evening, to a tremendous supporter of the botanical gardens  Rick will deliver and install the piece one day next week.

                                                    'To the Point' by Rick Potter

'To the Point' is still for sale and hopefully it will sell before the end of the weekend.  If not, it will look great in our yard!

Our friend Cindy organizes this amazing event every year.  At least half of the proceeds of the art sold goes to support the gardens, which are a real treasure to the city of Anchorage.  Thank you Cindy!


cindy shake said...

Fun to see you both at the Gala and this weekend! FUN wasn't it?! Congratulations Rick! Your pieces are wonderful -true highlights of this years event. Hope this larger work is a new direction for you... though you'll probably need to start making larger jewelry chains to hold them HA!!

Pricilla said...

I can understand why Trimorphic sold so quickly - it's stunning. The second piece is beautiful as well but I have to admit to liking the first better....