Thursday, June 10, 2010

Funky Little Books

Following a tutorial in my (current) favorite magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors, I made these 2 little books.  I love the fact that the covers are upcycled materials: an old button card and a 6-pack holder.  The tutorial was so easy.  The only thing I needed to purchase to complete the books was some book cloth for the spines.  Of course, I could have used fabric scraps instead, but I didn't read that part of the article until after I ordered the book cloth.

The books are finished with a simple pamphlet stitch, which sews up really quickly.  Love that part of the project too.
I have lots of old button cards, but this was the only one with all of its buttons in tact.

This photo gives you a sense of how small the book is.  Cute, huh?

For this next book, I cut out the logo from a beer 6-pack holder.  I used the same thing for the back cover.

 Now I have people saving their 6-pack holders for me.  I think I'll try this project with Monopoly property cards, old postcards and maybe some game cards.  Any other ideas for me??

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Pricilla said...

You are so clever.
Would old photos work or are they not strong enough?