Monday, June 14, 2010

3 New Scarves

Yes, I've been a knitting fool.  Knitting is my activity of choice while watching movies in the evening, Xena curled at my feet.  This new variation on a drop-stitch pattern has me slightly obsessed.  If I was capable, I would alter a sweater pattern to use this stitch.  I am so not capable of doing anything other than following an existing pattern.

These first 2 scarves are knit with Noro Cashmere Island yarn, in different colorways.  Both are yummy!

Using the same stitch, this last scarf was knit with a variegated blue alpaca yarn -- super soft!

Each of these photos is linked to the listing on etsy, if you simply must have one!

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Pricilla said...

Oooh, you can see how soft they are!