Thursday, June 24, 2010

Xena goes to the groomer

Xena (the wonder dog) was getting scraggly (if that's even a word) and a wee bit stinky.  I felt the need to wash my hands after every petting session -- it was that bad.  Off to the groomer we went!

After a grueling grooming session, Xena rests in her favorite spot.  She sleeps a good 20 hours a day.  What a life, huh?

For those of you that remember how sick she was all winter, well, that continues.  None of the tests came back with definitive diagnoses.  None of the many medications from the vet did any good.  In an attempt to narrow down why the reasons for her illness (chronic throwing up), we took her off the food she had been on for the past 8 years and tried to switch to a super-hype-allergenic food.  The result?  She wouldn't even touch that stuff and then she wouldn't even eat her old food.

Now, I am a kitchen slave to Xena, Queen of Chugiak.  I basically cook whatever she will eat.  This includes chicken breasts, hamburger, brown rice, fish, steamed vegetables.  I try to have all on hand at any given time because I never know what she will want.

Yes, she is still throwing up ... often.  We try to feed her at least once in the middle of the night.  She seems to do much better when there is food in her tummy. 

It's been a rough 7 months, and we see no end in sight.  We are suffering from sleep deprivation and napping has become part of my routine.  Sigh.  Feels like I have a newborn baby on my hands, from what I hear.

We will get through this.


Pricilla said...

Oh, I am so sorry she is still sick.
goat hugs....

Merily said...

Aww, poor Xena! I hope she gets better!