Monday, June 28, 2010

An Eclectic Color Combination

I've been staring at these bright aqua blue apatite briolettes for a couple of months now.  They look great all by themselves, but what if I want to combine them with another stone?  Their color is so overpowering!  I tried a bunch of different stones -- garnets - too dark, peridot - not bad, andalusite - blah, and on and on.

Finally, I tried the tanzanite.  Perfection!  I thought the apatite would overshadow the periwinkle color of the tanzanite, but it didn't.  Here are the results.

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Brandi said...

Two of my favorite stones! Funny, I never would have thought of putting them together, either, but they look fab!

Pricilla said...

Very pretty and so very summery!

The Jewelry Box said...

They are beautiful!!