Thursday, September 24, 2009

Aqua and Brass Earrings

I reclaimed these beads from a very gaudy vintage necklace. These beads, along with many others, had an aurora borealis finish. This is great if you're trying for a flashy look, but it's usually too much for me. Used one-at-a-time, I really like these beads.

Above these deep aqua glass beads you see an antiqued brass beadcap. I purchased a bunch of wonderful beadcaps from one of my local bead stores. They are of a style I have not seen anywhere else. These particular caps have a swirly pattern that reminds me of tree bark.

These earrings are sale in my etsy shop.


Pricilla said...

They are really lovely. I just love how you put things together.

Micah said...

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