Friday, September 4, 2009

In The Barn

I met some beautiful goats at the Alaska State Fair. I have a new found fascination with goats. They're adorable and they obviously have tremendous amounts of personality. Dearest Pricilla - please don't be jealous. You and your goat family at Happy Goats Farm will always be first in my heart, but these Alaskan goats were quite irresistible. These are all Nigerian Dwarf goats, just like Pricilla!

This little one is enjoying a bit of mama's milk.

This big guy (gal?) is trouble on the hoof, for sure. In this photo, he's (she's ?) trying to eat the Grand Champion ribbon that's hanging over his pen. The ribbon was obviously NOT for good behavior.

I'll close with this almost frightening photo of an award winning giant pumpkin. It weighed in at a whopping 594 pounds.


Pricilla said...

That's one big gourd!

Aunt Vicki you know I love you. Those goaties are very cute.

I believe the one standing is a Boer Goat. (shhh, they are meat goats.)

Shirley said...

What fun pictures, Vicki!! I loved every one of them. TFS

Kristy said...

oh my, that gourd is downright creepy. LOVE the pic of the goat trying to eat his ribbon.



Orion Designs said...

I'm sure you're right Patty - that silly goat had pulled his sign down in order to eat the ribbon. It was hard to read the sign ....