Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bad Girls of the North at the Alaska State Fair

It has been a crazy, busy week. We finished setting up our Bad Girls of the North booth at the Alaska State Fair just in time for the opening at noon on Thursday, August 27. The booth looks fabulous this year. Here are a few photos that I took that day. Of course, many things have already sold, so it looks a little different now, 5 days later.

These are handmade mittens by Nancy Nolfi from Big Lake, Alaska. She starts with recycled wool sweaters. She felts them and turns them into these super-fun mittens with lots of surface embellishments like embroidery, needle felting and applique. She also adorns them with vintage buttons. They're absolutely adorable!

Get a good look at these perching metal ravens. They are made by our good friend Cindy Shake of Anchorage. We had a whole bunch of these (I think we started with 6) and we just sold the last one yesterday! I sure hope Cindy can bring us some more before the weekend starts.

The sweatshirt on the left in this photo is our latest promotional item. It is a pigment dyed zippered hoodie with great graphics. We decided to feature fireweed, which is a much loved local, ubiquitous plant. You can't see it in this photo, but there are a series of fireweed plants printed around the waist area. Our customers are responding nicely to this new item. On the right are our ever-popular toddler shirts and onesies.

I will be back later in the week!


cindy shake said...

You Go Girls!! I'm coming up to the Fair on Thursday for my BIRTHDAY!! More Ravens will be in tow -but I think I NEED to buy some of those way cool mittens!!

Pricilla said...

I am glad it is going so well for you. Congratulations!!!!