Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Long Story ....

... comes to a conclusion.

I'll try to explain. During last year's election, Carol had made a bet with an old (conservative) friend of ours named Gary. The bet was all about whether or not Ted Stevens would be reelected considering that he was under investigation by the FBI.

Suffice it to say that Carol won the bet. Gary was supposed to give her a diamond and platinum ring -- HA! Well, he came to the State Fair on Tuesday with his friend MaryAnn and finally delivered The Ring. Isn't it amazing???

OK, back to the Fair. There's something magical about a ferris wheel at night.


Pricilla said...

erm, it CAN'T be real, can it?

I love ferris wheels.

cindy shake said...

...hey, the carnival folks were giving those rings as prizes at the balloon dart game!!

just kidding :o)