Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kenai Peninsula Racing Pigs

Yes, you read it correctly. One of the funniest features at the Alaska State Fair is the Kenai Peninsula Racing Pigs. A racing track is set up and they hold qualifying heats before the real race starts. I found it quite hilarious, but then again, I have been very tired with the hours I'm keeping and almost everything seems hilarious.

Here they are running at break-neck speed. NOT. They actually seemed to be power walking.

Now they are resting after such strenuous activity. I think they look pretty cute here. The trainer said that the pigs start racing at 11 weeks and race for about a year. We all know what happens after that.

The pigs have very humorous names, like Spamela Anderson (had trouble keeping her jersey on), Hamlet, Pigasus and Kevin Bacon.

Tune in tomorrow to meet our booth neighbors, The Tamale Ladies!


Pricilla said...

We had these in NJ. The firemen would use them as a fundraiser. And then, hmmmm, there would be barbeque.

Shirley said...

How fun.

Tom and Nancy said...

You mean...they end up being a pork chop on a stick? Sorry I missed you at the Fair. I was close (working on Maggie's Farm), but so far away. Can hardly wait to see you next week. Nancy