Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rum Punch Necklace

handcrafted jewelry necklace whiskey quartz pink opal garnet
I created this necklace the same day as the Fruit Punch Necklace. I was obviously in a mood some heat ... or at least some warmth!

This necklace features a large briolette of whiskey quartz. It's the color of warm honey, or rum if you prefer. It is joined by a flat teardrop of garnet and an opal in an unusual shade of pink ... like the flesh of a ripe papaya. Juicy.

The chain is 17" long and is finished with a lobster clasp. I purchase lots of different styles of chain in bulk, so I can make whatever lengths I need. This sort of versatility works for me because I don't know what design I'll be working on tomorrow!

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Shirley said...

How very yummy and beautiful too!