Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beautiful Blue Kyanite

handcrafted jewelry necklace sterling silver oxidized kyanite garnets
I purchased a strand of these large, smooth kyanite nuggets a few years ago in Tucson. I've been using them very slowly, for fear of running out. You beaders out there know this ridiculous feeling. An idea came to me for this necklace and I finally decided to use my 4th kyanite nugget -- the original strand only had 21 stones, so panic is still a few stones away.

I wired some softly faceted garnets together, along with small kyanite beads that I think of as bean-shaped. This was then attached to sterling silver chain to finish off the necklace. Something was missing. I decided to add a small teardrop shaped bead of deep burgundy tourmaline to the same ring that was holding the kyanite. Perfect!

This necklace is for sale in my etsy shop.


Diane said...

Very nice, Vicki. I love the color combination.

Pricilla said...

As I said on your flickr - WOW!

Shirley said...

Talk about lovely reds and blues! A gorgeous piece!