Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I finally decided to try knitting some mittens. I found an adorable pattern for a simple pair of mittens that starts our HUGE and then gets felted, much like the bags I've made.

To demonstrate how big the knitted mittens are, I placed a normal sized red glove over one of them in this photo. Yes, they are big and very floppy.

The yarn I used is dark blue and variegated with specks of color throughout. It seems like a waste to run the washing machine (for felting) for just one pair of mittens, so I started a second pair and will felt them together.

If they turn out ok, I'll share a picture!


pippijewelry said...
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pippijewelry said...

was nice to see a before picture with normal sized gloves for comparison. I look forward to seeing the finished felted mittens!

Pricilla said...

You are so talented Aunt Vicki. I know the publicist loves her scarf...she wears it all the time!

Shirley said...

I'be always wondered how that was done! How fun and warm too!