Sunday, April 5, 2009

Glacial Reflections

handcrafted jewelry earrings sterling silver brushed white pearls swarovski crystals
These earrings are icy cold and super hot all at the same time. I found these fabulous brushed silver teardrop beads last year in Tucson. I used a few for simple earrings and then the idea for these earrings struck me - a year later.

The tight cluster on top of the beads is composed of little white freshwater pearls and a variety of Swarovski crystals in shades of gray. I always like to hand this style of earring on leverback earwires for the security they provide.

For sale in my etsy shop, or click on the photo to go directly to the listing.


alteaperle said...

Just love them!

Anonymous said...

did you find them at the gem show? I live right there and never made it, how sad is that!?

Pricilla said...

GREAT name!