Friday, April 17, 2009

Alaska Politics at its finest ... or at its worst

I promised myself that I would never blog about politics, but today, I'm breaking that promise. What's going on in Juneau, our state capital, is beyond the ridiculous. Faced with filling an empty State Senate seat, Governor Palin is making a mockery of the process.

I'll leave the details to someone much more eloquent and well versed on the topic: The Mudflats.

Enjoy the read.


cindy shake said...

OMG! I have forwarded the Mudflats link -especially my Alaskan ex-pats who have migrated to warmer climates. I totally agree with you Vicki -I can't even watch the news anymore -arrrrgggh. It's embarrassing now when we're out of state and people find out we're from Alaska and mention "the Sara" e-gads. Alaska used to be hip...she's ruining our street cred!!

Anji Gallanos said...

It's like watching a bad reality TV show. Each day I am entertained wondering who will be "nominated" next..seems like the qualifications you have to have to become nominated by our lovely gov is that you only recently joined the Democratic party....or you have direct connections to a shoe source. Oh and you definitely can't be a loyal and preferred candidate that might have possibly have said something negative about the She Wolf. Ahhhh Alaskan politics.

Please tell me it will all be over and better by the time we get back to Juneau.