Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vintage Glass Beads

I've been hoarding these particular beads for too long now.  I'm beginning to set them free with this pair of earrings.  The color of the beads is almost indescribable -- it's a mix of golden yellow, brown and green.  I topped them with brass beadcaps to enhance the vintage feel of the beads.

What are my favorite sources of vintage glass beads, you ask?  The Beadin' Path always has a great selection, as does The Whole Bead Shop (these are actually reproductions now, but still very vintage in styling).  Don't rule out thrift stores and antique shops.  Many of my vintage beads were originally part of supremely ugly vintage necklaces.  I deconstruct them to recover the beads and give them new, and happier lives.  You may pay more this way, but I think the uniqeness of the beads is often worth it.


Pricilla said...

They are lovely beads. The shape is unusual too.

MoonRae said...

These are beautiful beads! I agree with you, I love taking "ugly" things apart too!!