Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Few Funny Moments to Share

While working in our booth at the Alaska State Fair, we see so many people every day.  This is a big event here and people come from all over the state to attend.  We also get a fair amount of tourists from the lower 48 and other parts of the world who just happened to be on vacation here while the fair is going on.

Today I'll share some funny moments from our days so far.

Hat Funny

A young woman was trying on several fleece hats made by Heather of Mountain Heather.  She had a heavy Korean accent, but is a local Anchorage-ite now.  They all looked great on her.  She said, "I bought one of these hats last year and love the way it looks on me.  My husband said something different".  We all chuckled and then she said, "Now I feel compelled to buy another one".  She followed that with lots of very evil sounding laughter.  We love this young woman named Pansy (isn't that a great name?).

Two Sisters Funny
These two sisters (I would guess they were in their 40's) of quite ample proportions were looking at our shirts, which we carry in sizes small through 3XL.  One sister asks the other, " Should I get this shirt in a 2XL or a 3XL"?  The other one cackles and then shouts, "Girl, look behind you!", referring to her sister's generously sized posterior.  Needless to say she bought the 3XL.

These are the moments that keep us going from year to year.  Our customers are incredibly fun.  From the father buying his teen-aged daughter a black Bad Girls hoodie to the grandmother trying to figure out which size onesie would fit her new granddaughter to a young woman choosing the right color shirt for her best friend who just moved to the lower 48.  We see them all and we love most all of them.


MoonRae said...

Thanks so much for sharing what's going on. I sooo miss doing shows. Have a great time

Challene said...

It was so good to meet you in person Vicki!! I hope you both are having a blast at the fair! My husband and I will be going back again on Friday so we can go see Shinedown! =)


shari said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, Vicki!! :-) Thank you for sharing... it's fun to read what you are doing up there.