Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of the Alaska State Fair!

Yes, the fair opens today at noon.  How do I have time to write a blog post, you ask?  How come I'm not in a panic, running in circles?  Well, I woke up early and realized that the booth is just about complete and ready for tons of customers.  I think we will have a  great opening day because our fabulous weather streak looks like it will continue for at least 2 more days!

Here are some photos I took yesterday as the booth neared completion.

Our brand new set of drinking items: ceramic mugs, travel cups and water bottles (yes, they're BPA free).  Selecting the colors for these items was another one of those extra fun tasks.

On the far right of the above photo, you can see a small selection of birch bark baskets.  We've had birch bark baskets in our booth since the beginning of time.  They are made by Ardella Hagen and her daughter Lucinda Durham.  This year, we have baskets made by Lucinda.  Ardella, one of my most favorite people in the whole world, passed away a few weeks ago.  I have given many of Ardella's baskets away as gifts and have quite a collection myself.  I miss her already.

New to the booth this year are some amazing handmade pillowcases by our friend Margaret.  She does a great job of matching fabrics into these rich combinations.  At the very top is one of her quilts.

And a collection of Heather's hats comes next.  We have a slightly smaller selection than usual, but we expect another shipment (she lives in Fairbanks) in a few days.

More picture to come -- of Cindy's metal art, my jewelry and Carol's soap!


Pricilla said...

It looks fantastic!
I am sorry your friend died. It's so hard.

cindy shake said...

That's so sad about Ardella! Their work is lovely -I saw them last year when we both were delivering our art at the same time to your booth.

The weather is FAB!!! Fair goers will finally have some sunshine to help them SPEND MONEY! I think you're right that people are so happy not be cooped up they just have to want to go the the Fair and SPEND MONEY ;o)