Saturday, August 21, 2010

it's that time of year again

Yes, my friends, it's time for the Alaska State Fair.  For those of you have been reading my blog for a few years know that I have had a booth at the Fair since 1998.  The booth is for my 'other' business, Bad Girls of the North.  We produce craft shows in the fall.  At the fair, we sell our logo merchandise and lots of handmade crafts.

Yesterday was our first day of set-up and as luck would have it, the weather was fabulous!  Hot and sunny.  All day long.  Rick worked on extending our entrance ramp to comply with ADA regulations and Carol & I cleaned and readied the booth.

I remembered to take a picture at the end of the day.

Here's a sneak peek at our latest clothing item.  It's a pigment dyed zippered hoodie with some awesome birch tree artwork.  The models are employees at Alaska Serigraphics, the amazing local company that does all of our printing and embroidery.

You may not see me around as much over the next 2 weeks, as the fair will keep me busy from morning to nighttime.  The fair opens on August 26 and closes on Labor Day, September 6.


Pricilla said...

Have a wonderful time.
Stay sane.
The new hoodie looks great!

MoonRae said...

Much success and good fortune!! Love the hoodie

shari said...

I love the hoodie! Can I order one?

I know you guys will sell loads of your goodies! So much talent in such a cool booth. Great combo!