Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New T-Shirt Colors

Each year, we select new colors for our Bad Girls of the North logo t-shirts.  Carol & I are both color freaks, so this is always a fun task.  As I've told you, all of our printing is done by Alaska Serigraphics, and we select our t-shirts from Comfort Colors by Chouinard.  Their selection is vast and the quality of their shirts is superb.  They are pre-shrunk and really hold their color.  Check out the website if you ever need to print some shirts!

These are our new colors in long sleeves:  mango, lagoon blue and violet.  The other colors you see in this photo are left overs from previous years.

Our new short sleeve colors are aloe, crimson and china blue: (bad photo alert)

Of course, I once again forgot to take a photo earlier in the day.  I took these 2 right before leaving for the day at around 6pm.  We have plenty more shirts in backstock.  They live in the trailer that sites behind our little building.  Hopefully we will need every last one!

Coming soon:  shy do we sell all of this logo merchandise anyway?


cindy shake said...

I forgot to mention that yesterday when I was up -I LOVE the new colors!! And the fabric felt wonderful. I'm getting a few Holiday gifts from your cute lil' hut when we go to the Fair!

Pricilla said...

Such happy colors!

Brandi said...

Picking colors? LOVE.