Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fun in the Studio

I had a very successful wholesale meeting with Cabin Fever (again) on Friday and spent most of the weekend making earrings to fill up those 2 boxes again.  While I allow some new earring ideas brew in my head, I decided to do some copper etching and patterning on sterling silver.

These copper shapes were purchased like this.  What a great time saver!  I think the top ones will make some interesting earrings.  The bottom 2 will be elements for me to use in my mixed media necklaces.

These sterling discs are 24ga and so easy to pattern using my rolling mill.  For these pieces, I used skeleton leaves.  Other things that make great patterns are light gauge craft wire, textured paper, paper with cut-outs, designs embossed on paper with traditional embossing powder, thin gauge soft metals, mesh, sandpaper.  I could go on and on.

These are just a small sampling of the pieces I worked on yesterday.  I figure, as long as I've got the chemicals out, why not etch a whole big batch of stuff.  The same with the patterning.  While I'm at it, why not pattern a bunch of metal?


Pricilla said...

skeleton leaves?

Interesting patterns.
Congrats on the order. Hooray!!!!

Orion Designs said...

Skeleton leaves are found in the papercrafting/scrapbooking section of the craft store. I think they're made from real leaves, but just the veins remain.

Beadwright said...

Hi Vicki these are fantastic. I wish I had time to do this. You can buy skeleton leaves, however, I make mine. Very maticulous work.

Diane said...

These are great! It makes me want to do some etching again. Can't wait for the new creations!