Tuesday, February 24, 2009

London Blue Topaz

As usual, my photography does not do justice to the beauty of these stones. The teardrops are London Blue Topaz of the clearest aqua blue with a multitude of facets to ensure sparkle from every direction.

You may have noticed that I'm very into clusters and this pair sports it's very own special cluster. Atop the teardrops are rondelles of apatite in dark aqua, light aqua and a greenish color. I've also added some golden green tourmaline rondelles.

This color palette always reminds me of the reefs of the Caribbean, where part of my heart will remain forever. Sigh.

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Diane said...


Cindy said...

Oh those are very lovely blue!! I'm really enjoying looking at what you have come up with since the show.

Shirley said...

Absolutely beautiful!