Wednesday, February 4, 2009

News From Tucson

Let me start off by saying that it was 78 today. I loved it ... Rick, not so much.

Well, I'm a big fat liar. My first purchase today at the GLW show was pearls. OK, it wasn't multitudinous smounts, but it was still pearls. I suddenly remembered that I need plain old 4mm round white pearls. Then, these gorgeous bronze colored seed pearls decided to join them in my basket. Oh well.

At my next stop , Oriental Gemco, I found some lovely HUGE amethyst brios and some green topaz rondelles. I've purchased from this really nice family in the past and they always remember me. That makes me feel special, so I buy more stuff. See what great customer service can do for you? I bought more stuff there, including golden colored hydro-quartz brios and a bunch of faceted rondelles of differnt stones. Can never have enough of those, can we?

We went to about 5 shows today and it's worth noting that there were several empty booths at each event. The crowds were light and the vendors seemed a little bored. The hotel we're staying at has rooms available too. I've stayed at this same place for 4 years, and it's always booked solid during Gem Show Week. Tomorrow, the huge Holidome show opens and it will be interesting to see how the crowds are there.

I'll keep you posted.


SignatureSterling~Untie the Ribbons! said...

Can't wait to see pics of your great gems, Vicki! Sad to hear of the empty booths and lighter crowds, but guess we shouldn't be surprised - just another reflection of the state of things... Have a great time though!! :-)) Peace, Sue

Deronda designs... said...

You cracked...the very first day! But oolala, sounds like you found some real beauties.

Brenda said...

*Waving Vicki*
Can't wait to see all your pretties! I'm fainting as I read what gems you've already found, especially the amethyst brios...ahhhh. lol! Have a great time at the Holidome show! :-)