Monday, February 23, 2009

The Green Sweater Nears Completion

Remember this post? Well, the sweater has been progressing at a slow but steady pace. It's almost complete. All I have left is the placket.

This yarn has been super easy to work with. it is a blend of 50% Pima wool and 50% tencel. It feels silky and smooth, but it knits into a fabric without much firm structure. I'm hoping it "tightens up" a bit when I block it. It wouldn't hurt if it shrunk a bit too, as it is quite loose on me.

I thought I was having a serious problem with the second sleeve but I took the project into The Tangled Skein - a wonderful yarn shop in Eagle River, Alaska - and Roberta helped me see that there was no problem. I had been out of town for 10 days in between sleeve #1 and sleeve #2. That was the source of the imagined problem.


cindy shake said...

With your love of Pearls Vicki, do I see some seed pearls embellishing the sweater's neckline the future?? It's lovely, I love the color.

Deronda designs... said...

Yay Vicki. It's looking just wonderful. Placket~one of those words I should know, but will have to go google.