Thursday, February 26, 2009


On our walk to the inlet this morning, I was trying to find inspiration (see yesterday's post). At first glance, everything I looked at was a shade of white, black, gray or some shade of brown. This is typical for this time of year.

Then I looked more closely at my surroundings. A long since frozen high-bush cranberry glistened in the sun. It was a muted scarlet color -- just lovely. Next, I noticed a bit of moss on the side of a tree that was the most wonderful shade of green. It was somewhere between lime, chartreuse and fresh grass. Several trees later, I saw a deep russet color on the bark. I then realized that what I had earlier seen as brown, was actually much richer and more complex.

I just had to look closer.

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cindy shake said...

your post cheered me up this morning :o)
this is a really tricky time of and friends "outside" are actually thinking about their gardens, but while wearing my NorthFace gear, I'm still using icemelt and traction sand. You're right, since we are gaining more daylight that should shed some bright light on all of Nature's beauty to help me to take a closer look!