Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tucson Gem Purchases

Now that I've finished logging all of my purchases from the Tucson Gem Shows, it's time to share with you what I came home with.

This first photo starts (at the top) with some lemon quartz that are the same cut (yes Deb, the same cut!) as the labradorite beads I purchased from my friend Deb. I searched for this cut in any gemstone, but these were the only ones I found. I discovered that it is called a marquis cut. Continuing south, you can see smooth ruby briolettes, moss aquamarine, citrine and something called hydro-quartz in a deep green. Since returning home, and doing some research, I've found out that anything called hydro-quartz is most likely not quartz at all. More likely, it is lab created cubic zirconia. The color did look a little too good to be true. It's still a beautiful "stone" and the price was right. No regrets.
gemstones quartz iolite labradorite citrine amethyst moonstone kyanite prehnite black spinel aquamarine ruby
This next photo starts with smooth flat iolite briolettes followed by labradorite, citrine, rutilated quartz (love this) and peach moonstone.

Very special citrine briolettes (they are quite washed out in this photo) are at the top of this last photo. Next is some lovely kyanite, smooth amethyst, prehnite and long tapered and faceted black spinel.

Of course, there are more gems, but I'm running out of patience with this photography stuff. I want to play!

One of the "new" stones to be found all over the gem shows was green cat's eye. It was a pretty shade of green, but it was outrageously expensive. And I'm not quite sure what "new" means in the world of gemstones. Maybe a new mine was discovered.

After attending these shows for about 10 years, I've come away with some insights all my own regarding gemstones and marketing. The emergence of what I call the Alcoholic Quartzes (champagne, whiskey, beer, cognac) several years ago got me thinking. Here's the scenario as I envision it:

Miners are hard at work digging up amethyst (quartz) with plans of heat treating it to make citrine. This is the case with most citrine on the market today, as naturally occuring citrine is quite rare.
They find some low grade amethyst and send it off to the scientists in the lab. It emerges from the heat treatment process in all sorts of wacky golden yellows, not anything like the citrine they were expecting.
A brilliant gemologist declares "it's pretty enough, let's just give it a new name". Voila, the alcoholic quartzes are born.

The world according to Vicki.


Anji Gallanos said...

Gorgeous are going to have too much fun playing with these..can't wait to see the finished product!


Diane said...

Looks like you hit the jackpot! Beautiful stuff!

Diane said...

Looks like you hit the jackpot! Beautiful stuff!

Ainse said...

I'm sure your playtime with these beauties will turn them into something gorgeous!

SignatureSterling~Untie the Ribbons! said...

Wiping drool off my monitor as I type, LOL!!! GORRRRGEEEEEEEEEEOUS, Vicki!! :-))

Creative Treasures said...

Gorgeous Vicki! I'm glad you had a wonderful time. Thank goodness the weather was good this year. LOL! You have some really pretty gems there. Can't wait to see what you create!

Brenda said...

Wow Vicki..looks like you got some yummy gems!! I see you like citrine. Besides amethyst, I would have to say that citrine is my 2nd fav, although..the lemon quartz is gorgeous!! Oh heck..I love all of them! lol! So glad you shared your new stash, and I can't wait to see the pretties you will be creating. *hugs*

MrsETaylor said...

What an amazing blog Vicki. I have my gemologist and diamontolgist certs and absolutely love sparkly things. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

Amanda Yu said...

Gorgeous! love to visit Gem Show!

Cindy said...

Wow I should of sent you money and you could of shopped for me! Beautiful choices!!

Beadwright said...

Hey Vicki glad you are home and that you had such a great time. I love the black dagger beads you have shown here.

Pricilla said...

Someone is going to have lots of fun. I am glad I converted you over to boulder opal.

Tom and Nancy said...

Did you happen to buy all those colors of blue, green, and yellow just for me? Great pics. I can hardly wait to see them. -Nancy

Bijoutery said...

Lol, Alcoholic Quartzes is perfect!

Shirley said...

Oh my gosh! These are all lovely and beyond!