Monday, July 19, 2010

Necklace Storage

After reading my post about my earring storage, one of my online friends, Yazmin, asked me how I store finished necklaces.  My necklace storage is similar to my earring storage in that I use plastic boxes.  These particular boxes can be found in the sporting goods department of your favorite store.  I think they are intended for fishing gear.

What I love most about these boxes is the flexibility they provide.  There are dividers that allow me to alter the size of the compartments.  The chain necklaces in this box can just be lowered into the compartments and I don't have to worry about kinking.

Strung necklaces have different requirements and need more space.  As you can see here, I've removed lots of those dividers so that the necklaces can lay flat.

While I'm building inventory, each compartment (in both types of storage scenarios) may contain up to three necklaces.  As my busy season starts (with the State Fair in August), that will gradually change ... hopefully!  I have a total of 8 of these boxes.  Each box contains a different "line" of my necklace offerings.  Actually, some lines require two boxes, depending on what my best selling styles are.  This changes every season.

I insert at least one 3M anti tarnish strip into each box.  I find that these are a tremendous help in keeping the non-oxidized silver bright and shiny.


Pricilla said...

I am sure that you have developed systems that work perfectly for you.

Now come down here and fix me please.

Yazmin @ A Pretty Rock said...

Well you know I definitely like your earring storage and I have to say that's for the excellent use of space. I think I may still use my current setup for necklace storage which requires putting them on a business card and bagging. Just not sure I have enough space to store all my necklaces this way. :)

Orion Designs said...

Yazmin - The difference is that I don't card my necklaces. Most of them get displayed and sold at shows, and carding them just does make for a nice display. Different methods work for different purposes!