Saturday, July 31, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy

While the recent passing of my beloved Xena is incredibly sad -- she was a HUGE part of my life -- I know that it's good for me to focus on the positive, happy things in my life.

Lucky for me, making jewelry still makes me happy.

Cooking good food and eating it always makes me happy.

Going to the movies makes me happy, even if I was confused as hell.


Dining out is a great pick-me-up too.  Nancy & I had lunch here yesterday.  I even brought home a lemon tart for Rick.  Aren't I a great wife?


shari said...

Yes, you ARE a great wife! I'd have eaten the lemon tart on my way home...

I'm sorry to hear about Xena. I lost Markos recently, and had to do the same as you. I honored his memory and I focused on the good things. I feel lucky to have so much good stuff to turn to!

By the way, that cobbler looks amazing!

Pricilla said...

Yup, good for you. The lemon tart would have been safe with me. Now if it had been chocolate......

The Jewelry Box said...

Oh Vicki...I'm just now seeing this and I'm so very sorry about Xena. Big ((HUGS)) to you. ♥

I just have to note that your jewelry makes me happy too, along with drooling at your wonderful recipes. And I agree, you are a great wife (Rick is lucky) and a wonderful friend. :) Keep your chin up. I'm thinking about you.

Diane said...

Oh Vickie,
Reading about Xena has made me incredibly sad. I can't begin to tell you how terribly sorry I am. I know if it breaks my heart, that pales in comparison to what you must feel. God bless her & you!
Hugs, Diane