Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bi-color Quartz

At first, I thought these briolettes were too long for earrings, so I only used them for necklaces.  But now I feel differently.  They're not  huge,  they aren't real heavy and they have so much sparkle.

The colors are pale lavender and pale blue, so of course I teamed them with tiny periwinkle colored tanzanite rondelles.  You may have noticed that I've been using my tanzanite rondelles a lot lately.  That's because I recently re-found them.  Yup, they got lost underneath some larger beads.  Poor things.

If you click the photo, you will go directly to the listing.  When you do, you will see that the photos with the white background show the bi-color-ness of these stones much better.  Thanks for looking!


Brandi said...

It's always sad when gems get lost! But the tanzanite and the bicolor quartz are stunning together.

Pricilla said...

Very interesting stones...