Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wild Currants

Some of you may remember my posts last summer regarding the red currants growing here & there around our property.  This year, it's a sad state of affairs.  The berries are coming along nicely, but some nasty caterpillars have destroyed the leaves.  I suspect these bushes may not be around next summer.

On a brighter note, the wild flowers at the inlet are at the height of bloom.  The shooting stars are a brilliant pinkish-purple.  I've transplanted some to my own yard with much success.

These chocolate lilies on the other hand, have me stumped.  I transplanted 3 plants 2 summers ago.  They bloomed beautifully last summer, but this year, they did not even make an appearance!  It's too bad because even though they only bloom for a week or so, they are gorgeous and a bit mysterious with that deep brown coloration.


Pricilla said...

That is a shame about the currents.

Those lilies are amazing!

shari said...

Beautiful photos, Vicki! Makes me want to be there! I love wild natural beauty like this.

Don't forget to let us know if the currants survive the caterpillars. Hummingbirds adore currant flowers!