Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shades of Green

Just when everything around me is finally turning green, I made these yummy earrings.  I hand forged the copper circles -- you've seen these before, as I use them quite often.  Along the bottom I used sterling silver wire to attach little rondelles of peridot and olive green cubic zirconia beads in a pleasing pattern.

This style is working well for me.  Trying to work efficiently, I made a series of these using all sorts of tiny rondelles and beads in interesting color combinations.  First, I made a big batch of the circle elements -- some in copper, some in brass and some in sterling.  Then I did all of the wire wrapping.  It's amazing how many pairs of earrings I can crank out when I'm organized and think through the process before I start.  They looked so pretty all lined up, waiting to be carded and priced.  I think I made 12 pairs.

This pair featured here has just been listed in my etsy shop.  Click the photo to go directly to the listing.


The Jewelry Box said...

Gorgeous Vicki!! I love the design! Beautiful work! :)

Pricilla said...

The copper and the peridot is gorgeous together.

I got to lay my bathroom floor.
I think I would have rather been you.

Cindy said...

Great together Vicki!! Lovely!! I like your camera shots. Did you get a new camera?

Orion Designs said...

Tanks all! No Cindy, it's the same camera I've had for 3 years. Some days I'm just luckier than others :)