Friday, May 7, 2010

A Moose Visits

Yesterday, while pouring my second cup of coffee in the kitchen, I glanced up and what did I see out the window?  A moose butt.  I think he/she heard me getting the camera ready and looked up.  Cute, huh?

He/she munched on some tree stuff for quite some time.  Enough time for me to get several pictures.  These were all taken through my kitchen window.

I did not see a mama moose, so I think this was either a yearling or a 2 year old.


Pricilla said...

That's a lot more moose than we saw. They are the funniest looking things, aren't they.

Abby about ignored Nora but Pricilla won't stopped following Sarah.

Orion Designs said...

Actually, that was just one moose. I couldn't stop taking photos :)

BlackStar said...

Love it! The biggest animal that will show up around here are deer; although they just introduced Elk to parts of TN.

The Jewelry Box said...

Vicki, I just love your kitchen window views! Looks like he/she is striking a pose for you. Great pics!