Monday, May 24, 2010

Bear Tracks!

On both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend, the 3 of us enjoyed our early morning walk along Cook Inlet.  We had not been going all the way down to the waterline lately because it was just too muddy.  Well, the recent dry weather has changed all that and the walk is now quite pleasant.

The mud is still soft enough to show plenty of footprints, however.

The prints were all along our path, some more pronounced than others.

Oops.  You can see the toe of my Mucks boots in the lower right hand corner of the above photo.  Now that I think about it, those prints look kind of small, like ones from a very young bear.  Which can only mean one thing.  Mama isn't too far away.

We never did see a bear, but now we know for sure that they are around.


Pricilla said...

Oooh, how exciting.
Stay safe.
They are amazing...but scary.

Do you just have grizzlies or do you have black bears too?

Orion Designs said...

We have both in our area, but we've only seen black bears.