Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Fun New Purchase

I've been wanting the pasta maker attachment for my Kitchen Aid for a long time.  Last week, I actually bought it at a really nice local kitchen ware store.  On Sunday, I decided to make lasagna.  The Kitchen Aid mixed up the pasta dough like a dream.  I remember the olden days (about 25 years ago) when I used to knead that dough by hand and then roll it in a hand crank roller.  Well, that roller rusted out somewhere in the Caribbean, sometime in the late '80's.

I forgot to take pictures while making the sheets of pasta, but I did remember the camera while dishing out our second lasagna dinner on Monday night.  We will probably eat it for 2 more nights!

This is Rick's dinner :)  Well, part of it anyway.


Pricilla said...

All right! I'm so glad you bought the attachment. You'll have so much fun!!!!!

I like your lasagne dish...it's gorgeous!

Brandi said...

That looks DELICIOUS! I'm craving some right now.