Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rosehips and Cranberries

As autumn begins, our property takes on a whole different appearance.  Gone are many of the bright green leaves.  The wild roses have long since died and even the currants (few that they were) have all been eaten.

What's left are lots and lots and lots of rose hips.  I've tried making jams and sauces from them, but the results were less than stellar.  While still very high in vitamin C, wild rosehips are just not as dense as those from cultivated roses.  They are quite pretty though and I do tend to pick & eat a few every day.

Also in abundance around my house are high bush cranberries.  The stench aroma of them as they ripen is quite apparent.  If one has plans to use them for jam (I do not), it's best to pick them after the first frost.  They are really tart and require lots of sugar to make them edible. 

We don't get the spectacular colors of the changing leaves up here in Alaska.  There simply is not the variety of trees here to generate lots of colors.  The trees we do have mostly turn yellow, which is pretty, but not amazingly brilliant as autumn in the northeast.  I admit to missing that about New York and New England.

We are off to Fairbanks early on Thursday morning for our Bad Girls of the North craft show this coming weekend.  See you next week!


Pricilla said...

I miss the turning of the leaves. We only have cottonwoods that turn yellow. Is that what you have?

Brandi said...

The turning of the leaves is probably my favorite part of autumn! I'm sorry you don't really get that up in Alaska...

shari said...

I think rosehips are pretty when they're all that's left on the rose bush! I forget that you can eat them!! Red bits in a stark landscape is always appealing to me.

Good luck at your next show!

Cindy Shake said...

Holy Cow! It's Fairbanks Bad Girl time already!! YIKES -that must mean Anchorage Bad Girls is just around the corner :o)) I'm with you -I just stick to commercial Rose Hip tea, though seeing all of the beautiful wild Rose Hips make me want to harvest them!