Thursday, September 30, 2010

Artist Spotlight :: Iceworm Studio

Pauline Lian, owner and artist behind Iceworm Studio is a bubbly, enthusiastic young woman who I just adore!  She has participated in our Bad Girls of the North craft shows for years, primarily in Fairbanks, where she lives.

I own two of her pieces which hang in my studio.  As you can imagine, pressed botanical art is best seen in person.  They are full of dimension and texture.  Pauline is meticulous and her attention to detail makes for a special series of one of  a kind pieces.  Here's a perfect example of forget-me-nots, Alaska's state flower.

I encourage you to visit her website and browse her amazing and unique art form.


Cindy Shake said...

Oh, Vicki you're right her work is lovely!

Sherry said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Vicki. This is a beautiful image, just what I needed today.

Now, I'm off to watch your little video.

Pauline Lian said...

Thank u for the spotlight! That is so awesome of u. i just had to share this link on my Facebook wall. :) -Pauline Lian.