Monday, April 5, 2010

Gallery Show at Picture This

Some of you asked for a report after the gallery show on Saturday, April 3 at Picture This is Eagle River.  Well, it was fabulous!

When they opened the doors at 10am, there were at least 100 people waiting to get in.  I had arrived at 9am to set up my jewelry display, which was plenty of time for such a simple display. At shows, you know it takes me upwards of 3 hours, with tables, lights, etc.  This was a breeze in comparison.

Picture This has been doing this spring open house with a free print for about 25 years.  This means that there are plenty of "regulars" that know about this and as a result have a great collection of Alaskan art.  I think they gave away about 500 prints on Saturday.  Susan Watkins (the artist) signed a good portion of those (including mine).  She didn't get much of a break all day.

I saw plenty of old customers and made lots of new ones.  Once the print giveaway settled into a slower, but still steady stream, which happened at about noon, then people started seriously looking at my jewelry.  I sold some of my favorite pieces.  Pink (!) seemed to be quite popular, much to my surprise.  My most fav piece was a large rose quartz rounded marquis brio topped with a cluster of darker pink tourmaline rondelles.  t was a gorgeous necklace and it went to a new home pretty late in the afternoon :D

After a super quick pack-up (I was tired), Michelle, the store manager said she would call to set up an appointment to pick out some new pieces for wholesale.  Yay!

I took Sunday off.

Reminder:  the free earring deal is still going on in my etsy shop.  See my shop announcement for all the details.


Pricilla said...

Oh, I am so happy for you!
You work is beautiful so I am really not surprised....

cindy shake said...

Congratulations Vicki on having a great show and sale! Nice way to start your Spring huh?! AND wholesale orders to boot -you go girl :o)

The Jewelry Box said...

Way to go Vicki! I'm so glad you had a good time and lots of sales. Congrats on the wholesale orders too! Woot!! :)

Orion Designs said...

thanks for all of your good wishes!

Natalia said...

Sounds like a great show - hopefully you can do this every year now? Congrats!

Brandi said...

That's so exciting!! Congrats!

Beadwright said...

Hey Vicki you sound tired in this post. Glad everything was a success. Hey I got a birthday card today from my friend Kelly and it was one of yours. Made my day.
Rest up.