Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Like to Measure Things

I'm not sure where this fascination withe measuring comes from.  I do have an engineering degree and always excelled in math in school.  But I think maybe it's simply the knowing how big something is or how much volume it contains, that I find so satisfying.

So it's no surprise that I have a nice collection of old measuring cups.  I keep them on the window sill in the kitchen and actually use them on occasion.  They're mostly glass, but I have a few ceramic ones too.

Some of them came with peanut butter in them and were sold in grocery stores. Must have been some sort of marketing gimmick.

I love the one that says King's Vanilla.  It's more like a large shot glass.

I have a small collection of rulers too, but they aren't nearly as interesting, mainly because I have not been collecting them as long.  Give me some time.

I have my eye on these two selections from etsy's vintage category.

Loving this nesting set.


Pricilla said...

There is something about old glass.
I used to collect reamers. I had I think 5 of them. Different colors. No one NEEDS 5 reamers....

Beadwright said...

OKayyyyy I am chuckling. YOu are so funner with all your measuring cups and bowls.

The Jewelry Box said...

Those are great Vicki! Craig would be jealous......really! :D
But the bowls....that would be me. I love collecting vintage bowls! I guess we've all got our own things we like to collect. Besides...beads look great in bowls & measuring cups! ;) :P :D