Monday, March 29, 2010

Picture This Art Gallery

This coming Saturday, April 3, there is a spring open house at Picture This in Eagle River.  They have been doing this open house for many years. One of the main attractions is a free print by a local artist.  This year's print is a lovely work of art by Susan Watkins featuring birch trees.  You know how I love all things birch!

This year, I was fortunate to be invited to be part of this spring open house.  Since beginning to sell my work at Picture This last October, I've been amazed at the reception I've received by the local community.  It's been a long time since I had an outlet to sell my work in Eagle River.  I used to sell in a gift Shop/Co-op, but that closed over 5 years ago.  There are not that many options in Eagle River, so when I approached Picture This last year, I was thrilled that they agreed to sell my work.

Here's the postcard that they sent to their extensive mailing list:

As you can imagine, I've been making jewelry like a mad-woman ever since returning home from Tucson.  After all, if you haven't made it, it can't sell!

I'll report back after the show.


Pricilla said...

Oh! How wonderful!
I hope it's very successful.
The print is beautiful....

Beadwright said...

Hi Vicki. That is an awesome print. I kind of miss AK. LOL not the winters though.
Bead on girl.

The Jewelry Box said...

That's awesome Vicki! I wish you lots of success, and I look forward to all the details. :)
Love the print!

Brandi said...

Oh, that's so exciting!! Can't wait to hear how it went!

Deronda said...

How I wish I could be there, but I am sure it will be an amazing day for you.