Friday, March 26, 2010

Looking Up

Each year about this time, we are bound to get some beautifully sunny days.  Blue skies with some puffy white clouds -- if there wasn't still tons of snow on the ground, I would love it even more.  On a day like today, when my outdoor thermometer reads about 50 (a heat wave for sure!) I like to grab my camera and look up.  There's a reason my neighborhood is called Birchwood.

Then I turn a bit to my left and look up again.

Now I look down and find a cranberry bush with some new growth, but still  hanging on to last season's shriveled berries.

These are sure signs that spring will indeed arrive sometime soon.


tlsexton0913 said...

I really love your looking up images. They turned out awesome.

The Jewelry Box said...

What beautiful photos! I hope Spring arrives for you soon. :)

Pricilla said...

Spring? Spring?

cindy shake said...

Beautiful signs indeed! There is a 10' high (at least!) pile of snow in the drive down here in Girdwood BUT popping from the top of the pile there are branches of Pussy Willows in bloom!!