Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blue Scarf in Progress

I started knitting a new scarf a few days ago.  This yarn is variegated in all shades of blue.  It's 100% alpaca and is from Chile.  It's soft and such a pleasure to work with.  I have a ton of it because, well, it was on sale from one of my favorite yarn websites.  To get the sale price, you had to buy a ton.  With big plans of sweaters and such, I went ahead an bought the ton.

Now, I see no sweater in my future with this yarn.  I tried.  It just wasn't draping in a way that was appropriate for a garment.  Oh well.

The pattern  is full of slipped stitches, which give the scarf the woven look, which is best seen in the 2nd photo.

What do I do with all these scarves I knit?  I sell some at my booth at the State Fair.  I TRY to sell them in my second etsy shop, A Peaceful Life and I give lots of them away to friends.


Pricilla said...

Very grateful and warm friends.

It looks lovely.

Shirley said...

It's wonderful! I bet you have been warmer there sometimes than we have been here!