Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Xena on Halloween

Xena (the cutest Bouvier in the world) has a hat she wears every Halloween. It's a witch hat that her Auntie Carol gave her. Id rather not think about why Auntie Carol thought Xena needed a witch hat.

Here, Rick helps Xena don her cute hat. It has a button that you can push to make the lights flash on and off randomly. Very festive.

Now, Xena looks up at Rick and says "what the #*%@ is this thing on my head????"

Lastly, she hangs her head in utter shame ... sigh

Here's this year's jack-o-lantern

All in all, we had a great night and even saw a few trick-or-treaters!


Pricilla said...

Almost as embarrassed as a goat with a chicken on its back...

Merily said...

Aww! Even if it's embarrassing, she's adorable. ;)

The Jewelry Box said...

awww...she looks so cute! What great pics! :)

Orion Designs said...

Yes, she is quite adorable.

Patty - I'm sure the goats with chickens on their backs are even more embarrassed than Xena!